Salt Sculpture Project

It all started with a realization while walking along the beach of the Dead Sea.
I was fascinated with the forms created by the crystal salt coverings on stones, branches and other natural and man-made objects. I decided to try and create my own imaginary forms coated with salt.

Salt Sculpture Project
In the year 2000 I began this project by searching for the right materials to sculpt, materials that would be suitable for a salt coating, and for a method to dip them in the saline waters of the Dead Sea. As it was my main medium, I realized soon enough that I had to learn more about the Dead Sea, its salt concentration and unique ecosystem which allowed the growth of sparkling white crystals. It also became apparent that I could not carry out the project alone. The basic infrastructure needed to be created in that harsh environment and it was obvious that I would not be able to technically and financially handle the project without help. Arieh Cohen from Kibbutz Mitzpe Shalem on the Dead Sea offered to help with the funding and use of a beach location. After the first year I met Michael Rieder, a sculptor who joined me, appreciating my love of this unique place. The process involved submerging the work in the Dead Sea waters and waiting until the salt crystals grew, covering the forms with a thick crystalline coating. The Dead Sea's location and chemical composition caused us many problems. Violent storms, big waves and strong winds contributed to the loss of 25 sculptures in the first three years. The sea is a tough partner and demands its sacrifice. On a few occasions we lost all our works, including the rafts, in the floods and storms. Over time the artists Dov Levi Newman, Mara Gandelman and Kim Mutchan joined us, offering invaluable help and inspiration in the creation of these large scale sculptures. Our present team now consists of five artists, each from a different background and culture: Michael from Australia, Dov from France, Mara from Brazil, Kim from Norway and myself from Israel.
Arieh Cohen from Kibbutz Mitzpe Shalem is our sponsor and we are all grateful for his patience, support and calmness during all the catastrophes, challenges and beauty of this project.
As of August 2009 a Salt sculpture installation is exhibit in the visitor center of AHAVA Kibbutz Mitzpe Shalem

Anat Eshed Goldberg

Assistants :
  • Michael Rieder
  • Mara Gandelman
  • Dov Levi Newman
  • Kim Mutchan
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